Friday, July 9, 2010

A parfum, a woman

How and why does one use perfume ?
It's very personal . Some wear a perfume to seduce , others to feel good, others for a particular event . There are no rules , only the pleasure and emotion count .
Loyalty to a perfume depends also really people .
When you think some women , imagine you have a particular scent with notes ?
I often imagine floral notes such as lily , jasmine, pink for women romantic, for they are sweet notes , voluptuous , both sensual and fragile.
For a seductive affirmed , I think of notes as woods, chypre that bring strength and courage.
A woman reminds me more reserved over construction of perfume on edge , like a musk .
When choosing a perfume , how to be sure not to make mistakes , not to be disappointed after a few days ?
Do not listen to others ... It is to be advised but the final choice must be personal and intuitive . Must assume their tastes and wear what you like.
Have we the right to advise a perfume based on a personality ?
This would classify people by groups , yet the choice is the first one.
You can not put women in cabinets , can not give them special function in relation to their purchases .
And can I emphasize or avoid certain notes according to his mood ?
Would anyone seriously the same question to a musician?
No, it is impossible for me to consider the scent in this way , just as it is not conceivable to design fragrances blondes , brunettes , redheads of ...
He must let go to their wishes , the fragrance is our point on the "i ".
What are the mixtures that we can dare to perfume ?
Can dare all. Everything is more a question of play was needed to make classes as a matter of discourse, to put words to feelings, but there were no codes at the start.
Some people mix their own several fragrances , creating their own perfume . It's great fun to run across budding perfumers around . Our ideas are the starting point and become scalable to infinity.
Similarly , mixed gender are conventions , what 's interesting is the relationship of each with the smell .
Are there any major trends that can be utilized for perfumes ?
Of course , this definition is neither exhaustive nor absolute , nor arrested for everyone but if you want to do families , we can say that there are two: the introvert and extrovert . For the former , there is more to citrus notes , fresh , with floral.
The tuberose and peony are very powerful, they tend to exclude from this category.
For outgoing, it is moving more towards the East, the chypre .
But we can pass from one to another depending on his mood, his desires , his diary ...

{translated from Elle-france}

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